Tennis Rules

Matches will be played by the official rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the customs and conventions of 'The Code', unless all players of the match agree before the match to play by different rules.

Come Prepared for your match.

1.) All players must bring a new, unopened can of balls to the match. The winner(s) of the match will receive/keep the new can while the loser keeps/receives the used can.

2.) Be on time for your match.

3.) If court reservations are required, it is the Challenger's responsibility to reserve the court.

4.) It will be the responsibility of the winner to report the match results. If results are not entered within 7 days of the match, they will not be accepted.


All players are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Players are responsible for issuing challenges to other players. If challenged, you should make every effort to accept the challenge. It is the responsibility of all players to contact the other players in the match to reconfirm the time and location of the match. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible after the challenge is accepted.

Have fun and best of luck!