Modified 15-Point League System


  • The winner of the match receives 15 points regardless of previous ranking.
  • The loser receives 1 point for each game they win in their best two sets.
  • If a player defaults, his opponent will receive 13 points instead of the 15 points awarded for a conventional win. The defaulting player receives 0 points.
  • Modification - The challenger receives an additional 2 points regardless of the match outcome.
Tennis Pulse points for the tennis ladder.

If a match ends 6-4, 5-7, 6-3, the winner receives 15 points, the loser receives 11.
(7 for the set the loser won plus 4 for the games won in his best remaining set).
The challenger receives an additional 2 points (17 total for winner, or 13 total for loser).

For Doubles
Individuals are awarded points as outlined above for their team's wins and losses. This scoring method works best when partners remain together throughout the season but will still work on an individual basis if players choose to participate with multiple partners.