How to find local tennis partners

Find a Tennis Partner.

The TennisPulse concept

Imagine that you could easily send a message to all the local tennis players of a particular skill level, that want to play tennis. The message is that you want to play tennis tomorrow at 1pm with one of them. All the subscribed players receive message right away, and the first to respond, and confirm, will meet you at your preferred location for a friendly tennis match.

In addition, as a subscriber, you will also be receiving email notifications when other players want to play with you. If you want to take the person up on the invitation, you click a link and confirm that you will meet them for a match. Otherwise, if the challenge doesn't interest you, you are under no obligation to respond. Ignore it and wait for a match that does interest you.

We'll keep notifying you when people want to play tennis with you and you respond only when you want to play. You can send out challenges (or invitations) to our other subscribers as often as you like.


You are the center of the universe

Every tennis player in our database defines their own 'Play Area'. This allows us to match players by their proximity to other players. You can specify your location and a radius (the distance from your location) that you will travel to play a match. We will only notify you of matches that are requested in that area. Your 'Play Area' may be a 10 mile radius up to a 100 mile radius. You can change it at any time if you are getting too many or not enough opportunities to play tennis with other local tennis players.

The costs

This service is absolutely 100% free to all participants.