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F.A.Q. 's


Q: What does it cost to sign up and use to find tennis partners and schedule matches?
A: Nothing. We do not charge you to sign up and use our service to schedule tennis matches with local tennis players.

Issuing a Challenge (finding a tennis partner).

Q: What is the method that I use to find a tennis partner?
A: You will issue a challenge to other tennis players in your local 'play area' as follows:
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the member's section "Issue a Challenge" page.
  3. When -Select a suggested date and time for the match.
  4. Where -Select a suggested court(s) from the list of local tennis courts.
  5. Who -Select all the local tennis players that you want to send the challenge to (generally, the more the better).
  6. Submit the Challenge form and the challenge is instantly sent out to all those players you challenged.
If and when your challenge is accepted:
  1. The challenge is automatically closed so no other players can accept it.
  2. You will be emailed the accepting player's contact info (and they get yours).

Now you should contact the other player and verify that you are both in complete agreement on the time and location and tell each other how you will recognize each other at the courts.

Q: What if I issued a challenge, but I need to cancel it?
A: If the challenge hasn't been accepted yet:
  1. Login  to
  2. Go to the member's section "My Challenges" page.
  3. Under "Unanswered Challenges" click the challenge.
  4. On the page that opens, click "Cancel Challenge".
  5. The challenge is now closed/cancelled.
If the challenge was already accepted, then you have received the other player's contact info, and you must contact them directly and let them know you need to cancel ASAP. Do not stand up your opponent!!!

Q: What if no one responded to my Challenge Invitation?
A: I wish that every challenge would be accepted, but thats not reality. If your challenge isn't accepted, then don't take it personally. Try again.
  1. Invite more people to get a better chance of someone accepting.
  2. Perhaps the day or time you are suggesting isn't working for the other players.
  3. Perhaps they all had made other plans and your challenge was very 'last minute'. Try to give people enough time to respond.
  4. Keep trying! More people sign on every day so as we get more players involved, your chances keep getting better for finding tennis players that can play on your schedule.

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