Issuing a Challenge

Members use the 'Issue A Challenge' page to specify a preferred date, time, and location, and send out a challenge (an invitation) to selected players in the area. The challenged members will receive an email notifying them that the challenge (an invitation) has been issued to them, and they have an opportunity to accept the challenge. Once the challenge is accepted, we provide the players with each other's contact information, and the players confirm the agreed time and location, and then meet for the match.

Pick your matches.

You are in control of who you play.

You play with players you choose.

When issuing a challenge, you can choose exactly which players you challenge.

If you receive a challenge, you only need to respond if you want to accept the challenge. You will know the other player's NTRP rating, and can determine if this is a match you want to play.


Suggestions for issuing a challenge

Date & Time

Start time - Be flexible for better results. You can enter a specific time, such as '5pm' or a time range, such as '5pm to 5:30pm start time'. By entering a time range, you won't eliminate players who could not get to the courts by exactly 5pm, and you will be more likely to get a response.

Specify your 'Play Area' and Courts

When you select the court locations (or 'play area' location if courts aren't specified), and click the 'Load Players' button, a list of players subscribed to this location will automatically populate the list of available players.

Choosing players.

A list of players meeting your criteria are listed. It is suggested to issue a challenge to a large group of players who match your criteria (age, gender, NTRP rating). This will make it more likely that you will get a response to your challenge.

Optional Note:

This note is sent out in the challenge email so it is seen by everyone you challenge, not just those who accept.

Submitting the Challenge form

When you submit the challenge, an email is sent out to all the players you challenged. This email will specify:

  • The challenger's name (your name)
  • Suggested Date & Time of match
  • Suggested locations for match
  • A link to click to accept the challenge

Someone accepts your challenge

When someone accepts your challenge, we provide them with your contact information. We will also send an automated email to you to let you know the challenge was accepted, and to provide you with their contact information.

The match status will be changed so that if other players try to accept the challenge, they will be notified that the match has already been accepted by another player, and is no longer open.

Confirming the match

It is the responsibility of all players to confirm the match with each other, and make sure that the time and location are clearly understood by both players.

Personal Information

The purpose of this site is to bring you together with other tennis players in your local area to play tennis matches, earn points in our tennis ladder, and promote the state of tennis.  Your contact information will be given to other players in your match(es),  and you will be provided the contact information of the other player(s).  It will be up to you and your match partners to confirm with each other about the exact time and location of your match. 

Good luck with your matches!