Find a tennis partner and tennis court.

Find a tennis partner.

You've got your tennis racquet, but don't know anyone available for a tennis match tomorrow?
No problem!

Login to, and issue a challenge to other local players that are eager for an opportunity to play a match.

Once a member accepts your challenge, you confirm the final details with each other. Then put on your tennis shoes, grab your tennis racquet, a can of new balls and you are off to your match. makes it possible for tennis players to reach other interested players quickly, and almost effortlessly. Finding a partner has never been so easy.

Women tennis partners.

It's for women too.

Women, please don't be intimidated. TennisPulse is all about helping you find a friendly tennis match and meet some great new people. It was brought to my attention by one of the female members, that some women may be intimidated by the concept of being "Challenged" or nervous about issuing a "Challenge", and if that is the case, then please think of a "Challenge" as an invitation to play. A challenge is simply a friendly invitation to play a match. We're all friends here!

Tennis racquet hitting a tennis ball.

How to find local tennis players

While some sites try to give you a list of players in your area, we take a much different approach. We will help you find local tennis players, and schedule a match without wasting your time. For details on how works, and why we provide a truly unique tennis matching service, click here.

Tell your friends.

Help us build a strong community of participating members. When someone tells you that they can't find a partner, send them to You can also put our flyer up on the bulletin board at your local tennis club or pro shop, and be sure to tell your tennis pro to help spread the word.

Girls playing tennis.

Hey, Tennis Pros.

Are your students asking you to match them with other players? Help them get some use out of thier new tennis racquets and tennis shoes. Encourage them to sign up and use to find active and interested players in your local area. Your referrals are helping us grow strong communities of local tennis players. Please post our flyer at your tennis courts.

Climb our Tennis Ladder.

As you play, you will earn points and climb our points ladder. If you are competitive, you'll enjoy earning your points, and if not, you can enjoy the tennis just for the sake of the game. The main point is to give you an opportunity to play more tennis.


Get Started.

It costs nothing. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Register yourself here, as a player.
  2. Make sure to set your 'Play Area' which tells us where you are located and where you will play.
  3. Watch your email for challenges by local players, or login and issue a challenge to other players.
  4. Happy Hitting!